Gumroad Product Cover Image Template

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Making products for Gumroad? Need to know what areas of the image will be covered by the user interface, or cropped out of the Store page? I've got you.

This is a template for Gumroad's cover images. It clearly shows, using labels and colours, what areas of the image will and won't be visible in different circumstances.

Note: This product is not sponsored or affiliated with Gumroad.

Using this template, your product covers will be more legible to the customer, look more professional, and more likely to generate passive income sales for you.

Guide to Colors in Template

Green: Always visible
Red: Visible only on the product page. Will be cut of on pages like the Gumroad Library, Discover and Profile pages, and your Store page.
Purple: The left and right circles are the forward and back buttons that appear when you have more than 1 cover image uploaded.
The lower row of circles are the pagination indicators, the number of which changes depending on how many cover images you have uploaded, with a maximum of 8. Only visible on product pages.
Yellow: Previous, Next, and pagination buttons that appear when in Store view. Previous and Next visible on hover. Pagination always visible.

Pro Advice

If you DON'T add a Thumbnail to your product, and just upload Cover images, then your products will have pagination enabled in Store view. That is a great marketing opportunity, as you can show up to 8x more content to potential buyers than your competition!

To make your cover images work for these Store views, you need to keep your art within the GREEN area, and avoid having any important text or content in the YELLOW circles area.

What You'll Receive

You will get 2 files, compressed inside a .zip file:

  • A PNG file, which you can import into any art software that supports layers. Import, lower the opacity, adjust your image accordingly, then delete the template
  • A PSD file, which has the guidelines and labels all on separate layers so you can turn them on and off during the design process. Saved in Compatibility mode, so it should work with most versions of Photoshop

You will need to extract the .zip to access the files.

Terms of Use

These templates are for personal and commercial use. Do not resell. Do not gift to other people. You may promote this pack, using the promotional images on this page and NOT the original template files. You must link back to this Gumroad page.

Change Log

2024-02-22: Updated template to add prev/next buttons and pagination that appears on Store pages. Indicated in Yellow.


Pay what you want, $3 AUD minimum

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Two files: a PSD, and a PNG image template

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Gumroad Product Cover Image Template

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